• A Better Me: For Today, Tomorrow & Beyond!


    Becoming a better me is a goal each person sets to accomplish in their lives. There are many physical as well as mental ways each person can complete their goal. Setting a time frame for each part of this goal will help ensure it will be done without the person feeling overwhelmed.

    1. Getting in Shape

    Getting in shape is something that will help the physical body as well as the spiritual or mental aspect. Fitness is a great way to reduce stress. You do not have to go hardcore with hours of exercise each day, but a bit of fitness will help. You can start off by stretching when you wake up.

    This will help get the muscles ready for whatever task needs to be accomplished. After a good stretch, you can either walk outside or on a treadmill. Walking at least 30 minutes each day will help clear your mind and get you ready for what you have to do. On the physical side, walking will get the blood flowing and the heart pumping. You can also change up the routine and do light cardio, such as dancing, every other day. This will give a bit of variation with the same result.

    2. A State of Serenity

    Another way to help you on your journey of becoming a better you, is helping yourself. One way is deciding what type of person you want to be. You can decide to be dependable and hardworking. You can show this by volunteering at a shelter or an event or going to work early and showing your boss what you can do. Another mental approach is finding out what temperament you have.

    There are four main temperaments. A Sanguine person is outgoing and Charismatic. A Choleric person is ambitions and often a leader. A melancholic person is quiet and thoughtful. Lastly, a Phlegmatic person is relaxed and carefree. Once you have figured out what type of temperament you possess, you can work on these traits and how to bring the good out, and push the bad away. Working on the mental aspect of how you view yourself is a great way to become a better you.

    3. Eating the Good Stuff

    Exercising and having a pleasant mental state are great ways to start becoming a better you. Another way to help the body both mentally and physically is excellent nutrition. People often say, “you are what you eat.” This seems to be true in most cases. People who order out and eat junk all day tend to weigh more and be less active. They have poor self-esteem and do poorly at work and often have strained relationships.

    Starting out with a good healthy breakfast is the key to success. The breakfast does not have to be heavy or stuff you. One valid breakfast idea could be an egg, a couple of slices of wheat toast and a glass of orange juice. The egg is important to nutrition as it gives a decent dose of protein for strength and lowers cholesterol.

    Orange juice contains vitamin C, which helps strengthen your immune system to fight off sickness. Wheat bread aids in proper and efficient digestion. Good nutrition throughout your day will give you energy and make you feel good as you get things done. Eating well will help in your mental state by giving you confidence. In a physical state, you do not feel tired and can keep going strong. Getting a good balance of meat, dairy, fruits and veggies is very beneficial to becoming a better you.

    4. Dropping those pounds

    Nutrition and weight loss often go hand in hand. You cannot expect to lose weight in you are not eating the proper foods. There are many fad diets that claim they have the true key to weight loss. However, most of these fads fade with time. One way to help better yourself is to find a weight loss counselor. This person should be well educated in weight loss and find something that works for you, as an individual.

    They should be available to help you not only with food choices, but proper exercise. Another way for you to drop the pounds is to have an accountability partner. This person should be somebody you trust to keep you in check as well as allow you to keep them in check. Setting a monthly goal is a way to keep track on your progress for exercise and eating better. However, setting a goal too high can have damaging consequences, often sending people into depression. Start small and work your way up.

    5. Hit the books hard

    Some skeptics will say that educating yourself on how to better yourself is a poor idea. However, we do not think that is the case. There are countless books out there that are great self-help books from reputable authors. They give important tips on finding yourself and how to maintain a good balance. The authors have spent countless days and hours studying behavior and patterns to write their books to make things easier on you.

    Educating yourself will give you a sense of what you are capable of doing. It teaches you how to interact with others and certain situations. These self-help books are generally aimed at individuals; however, some may be aimed towards couples and relationships.


    Here we have outlined some great tips on how to be a better me. This is an excellent start point to make yourself not only feel good physically but mentally as well. Making sure you first find out who you are will help you make all the right decisions when diet, exercise, self-help and self-education is concerned.

    Utilizing help from others and setting small achievable goals will enable the new you to shine through and show people what you are capable of doing. Reading and studying different styles of self-help books will enable you to broaden your horizon and think outside the box when it comes to your inner self.